As this small accountancy practice comprises a highly trained accountant and tax advisor, we can offer an outstanding range of services at affordable prices but which can include some quite complex tax issues. The specialism in property enables Accountancy TAX & VAT Ltd  to advise on complex property issues relating to VAT on property and also other taxes relating to property. The company has also experience of share buy backs and the transfer from the share premium to distributable reserves as permitted by 2006  Companies ACT.

Accountancy TAX & VAT Ltd has also wide experience  of partial exemptions for VAT, obtaining special method agreements, PAYE dispensations and also ongoing compliance work for VAT, PAYE and corporation tax and income tax. Accountancy TAX & VAT can file accounts in the ixbrl format, by tagging a set of word accounts or converting the whole document to the ixbrl format.

Most of the clients of Accountancy TAX & VAT are from referrals,this is a testament to the outstanding service you can expect.

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